With nodenv, upgrade installation list and node version.



Hello everyone I’m candle. In this time I will show you how to update nodenv installation list and node version.

The development of node is very active and the version of node will advance quickly.

Let’s update node version using nodenv.


You have installed nodenv by brew.

Upgrade nodenv installation list

The installation list of the old nodenv becomes old with the passage of time.
Even if you run this command, the latest node may not be displayed.

nodenv install --list

This is because the list information that node-build has is out of date.

So we will upgrade the list.

Upgrade nodenv and nod-build by brew.

brew upgrade nodenv node-build

A important point is node-build has installation list and you should upgrade it.

After upgrade these, you display the list again

nodenv install --list

There are new versions.

Install a new version of Node

Next we will install a new node.

By the way my node version is 8.9.0 so update it on 8 series.
The latest 8 series version is 8.12.0.
You can install it with this command.

nodenv install 8.12.0

After installation, check it.

nodenv versions

As you can see from the image above, the global node version is still 8.9.0.

The below command make global node version to 8.12.0.

nodenv global 8.12.0

Check it.

node --version

It went well.


Let’s write the code using the latest node.


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